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Find .NET runtime versions in Powershell

We are using multiple versions of the .NET framework at a client’s, in a huge enterprise application. We had an issue today, where someone had introduced a dependency on .NET 4.0 too low down in the stack, so that projects … Continue reading

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Quick Powershell and SQL Server tip

Today I had to create a quick copy of a database for some integration testing purposes. In the process, I learnt two things: 1. How to replace text in a bunch of files with Powershell: 2. How to execute a … Continue reading

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Windows Identity Foundation and date formats

I am starting preparation for a WIF-based security solution, and when playing with the STS that is created when you click “Add STS reference”, and “Add new STS project” in Visual Studio, I came across a curious thing. I was … Continue reading

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On Social Media

I have been a computer user for many years, and have used BBS-es, Usenet, mail, IRC, etc. However, the new social media apps like Twitter, Facebook and, to some degree, LinkedIn, come in a new category, in my opinion. Continue reading

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